We have specialist machines in shop for quick and convenient binding from 6mm binds to 50mm. We do comb binding, wire binding and gum binding.

Our guillotine machines in shop can cut 500 business cards in 10 minutes.

We also have smaller tools for cutting smaller jobs.

Don't worry if your documents are not to hand. We offer free access to

the internet to retrieve files for quick printing in our shop.

The scanners in our shop can copy high resolution images at 600 dpi. We can print these copies or download them to our computers for retouching.

If you need a document faxed we can do this at a competitive price.

Our designers and printers can specially layout and finish high quality booklets from handbooks to brochures on different types of stock. All we need is your info.

We can design, copy, print and collate 'no carbon required' invoice booklets for contractor and customer job refrencing. 

We have machinery for the perforation and folding of tickets.

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